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Honorable Mention - Hollywood Internatio
FINALIST - Paris International Short Fes
AWARD WINNER - Berlin Shorts Award - 202
AWARD WINNER - Toronto Independent Film

A  W  A  R  D  S FILM

GOT TO - Music Video


LIO is a music artist who skillfully combines different types of genres in his live performances as well as in his studio recordings. CRYSTAL EP was produced and performed by LIO in Vancouver, BC. It is the artist's first conceptual album in which all of the songs and the tonal character of the recordings are heavily inspired by the birth and growth of crystals, a process also known as crystallization.


You can find more about the artist / singer LEO:

A day in the life of - TEASER in German


Documentary - A story about faith and life.


We tell the story of an extraordinary priest whom we accompany for a day to get impressions of his working life, his spirituality, which are authentic witnesses of Christian life and convey his personality.

TAT - The Encounter | Fiction - Short version  - (NEW)


After Lena tried to convince Paul to move to Paris to start a new life, everything changed for the worse. Now, 2 years later after the breakup. Lena and Paul see each other again. Is there a chance for reconciliation?


A story about love, new beginnings and decisions.

Flame through walls | Experimental music video


A classical music ice hockey film in which the University of British Columbia's women's hockey team skates with "Flame" by Jordan Nobles and "Through Walls" by Jennifer Butler of the Turning Point Ensemble.

The Closer You Get To Canada | Fiction


A troubling black comedy about two old friends planning an escape to Canada from a "senior game reserve" in the United States in the near future.

Women on the frontline | Documentary


From Sharia law to women's rights. How did women manage to fight back in the heart of a bitter theocratic state? Who are these women? What are their stories? Women at the front are trying to answer these questions by speaking to women's rights activists who have been in the middle of the fight for gender equality in Iran.


Experts came together in Bonn to investigate how incubators and accelerators for climate technology can be promoted in developing countries. They attended an event aimed at finding out how to step up the efforts of these initiatives that provide vital support to small air conditioning technology companies and entrepreneurs. Such initiatives play a key role in innovating new climate technologies that we need to achieve the Paris Agreement.

Transcendence of Time - Sci Fi | Thriller

Martin's mother denies her illness in front of her son. His father breaks the silence when Martin turns 13. The birthday party ends with the words "leukemia". Martin flees into the forest, the bullet finds him.

3 years go by, Yuri gives in to his weaknesses and loses ties with his son. Omar is chosen by the ball. Martin has to act.

Talanoa Dalogue | Corporate UNFCCC

For the first time in the history of the UN climate change process, the Talanoa Dialogue brings together country representatives and non-state actors. UN Climate Change hooked up with many of the participants in the official Talanoa Dialogue during the May session - see the highlights of those talks.